We are Carolina and Sofia, two young women with many dreams and a lot of desire to achieve them. I, Carolina have been trained in communication and theater and have worked for 8 years to become an artist in Portugal. I, Sofia, graduated in Sound and decided to work in areas that complement my knowledge.
Above all, we are art, whatever it is. So, we decided to commit the crazy act of grabing scissors, putting our hands on fabric, and using creativity. Ofélia is thus born of the need to create something that gives us pleasure.


My lord, as I was sewing in my closet

Lord Hamlet, with his doublet all unbrac’d,

No hat upon his head, his stockings foul’d,

To speak of horrors- he comes before me.

Hamlet,W. Shakespeare

And that’s how a brand of necessaires, wallets and other props appeared, called Ofélia. In this project co-inhabit art and crafts. The great artists inspire us, the works give names to the collections and the characters surname the lines.

If for some “to be or not to be” is an issue, for us Ofélia is the answer. Respond to the needs for versatility, irreverence and utility, together with unique, modern, functional and bold designs designed for those who are trendy, stylish and practical.

Carolina and Sofia


We are committed to making the world elegant and bold by creating manufactured products following the high quality standards of the brand and using the know-how of the best craftsmen.


To keep all things in the world.
To be present in all moments of people’s lives.


To our clients
OFÉLIA lovers

Provide experiences and be the reason to feel elegant and exclusive.
Adapt our bold products to the practicality and the diverse needs.

To our partners and friends

The honesty, pride and pleasure set the tone for our conduct. The unceasing pursuit of excellence leads us to work with the best professionals and with high quality material.

Us in the world
The art of manufacture

The awareness that good practices with natural resources translate into a positive footprint in the world it is our commitment towards progress and sustainability.

At the heart of our principles are excellence, diversity and uniqueness.
Respect and gratitude for arts and crafts is the impetus for its conservation and continuity. In this way, we promote creativity and work in unison with the diversity of talents and knowledge. The innate talent of those who master these arts, dictates success.


Our partners are distinguished by their talent and experience. So we believe that fostering relationships of closeness and continuity are ingredients for success.